Alex Rangel Gonzaga

Agronomist by Unesp, Ilha Solteira Campus. 

Master in Agronomy (Plant Production) from UNESP (2020).


Anderson de Toledo

Agricultural Engineer, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2012)

He is currently Researcher at the Agricultural Research Institute of Paraná State - IAPAR, leading projects focused on Precision Agriculture and Digital Agriculture for small farmers.


+55 43 3376-2422

Nome do serviço

Bruno Rocca de Oliveira

Agronomist by FAFRAM.

Master in Agronomy (Plant Production) from UNESP (2021).


Caio Cesar Donadon

Agronomist from São Paulo University (USP). 

Master in Agronomy (Plant Production).


Test engineer at AGCO. 


Carla Segatto Strini Paixão Voltarelli

Agronomist, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2017)

She is professor, working in private institutions such as Centro Universitário Moura Lacerda, UNIRP and UNISO. Since 2017 she has been a columnist for "Revista Canavieiros"  writting about agricultural mechanization .Currently she coordinates the Agronomic Engineering course at "Centro Universitário FACENS".


Diego Onofre Vidal

Agronomist, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2018)

Currently, he is director of Hidrautec (always developing solutions), responsible for the routines of the commercial, administrative, operational and financial area of ​​the unit.


Elizabeth Haruna Kazama

Agricultural and Environmental Engineer Engineer, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2019)

She is currently a professor at the University of Franca (UNIFRAN) in the disciplines of Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization and Agrometeorology.


Edvaldo Pereira dos Santos

Agronomist, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2011) 


Felipe Santinato

Agronomist, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2016) 

Felipe is a Coffee Researcher and Consultant. PhD in Agronomy, is an external researcher at the Agronomic Institute of Campinas. Operates in the areas of Plant Nutrition, Mechanization, irrigation and management of coffee crops. Author of 2 books, 38 scientific articles among other publications. Freelance Technical Consultant at 22 Farms and Coffee Companies in 6 Brazilian States 


Guilherme de Castro Belardo

Agronomist, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2016)


Leandra Matos Barrozo

Agronomist, Master in Seed Production and Technology from UNESP (2009)


Leonardo Bernache

Agronomist, Master in Agronomy (Plant Production) from UNESP (2018).

He is currently Manager of Agricultural Operations at Raízen Energy Co., where he works directly in the area of Cultural Treatments.


Letícia Bernabé Santos

Agronomist Engineer and Master in Agronomy (Plant Production) from UNESP, Jaboticabal Campus (2020). She is currently PhD Studente  (USA) in Digital Agriculture and identification of plants under nematode attack in soybean plants using remote sensing.

Lucas Augusto da Silva Girio

Agronomist, PhD in Crop Production from São Paulo State University (Unesp) in 2018.

He is professor at Farroupilha Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology. His research interests are in sugarcane value chain, mechanization and precision agriculture.


+55 16 98173 3114

Lucas Vilela Rosa

Agricultural Engineer, Master in Soil Science from UNESP (2015) 


Luiz Augusto de Souza Nardo

Computer scientist, Master in Soil Science from UNESP (2015).

Coordinator of Integrated Solutions at Itaeté Máquinas John Deere, coordinating the technological part of precision agriculture in the northwest region of the state of São Paulo


 (17) 99145-6747 

Marcelo Tufaile Cassia

Agronomist, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2016)

He is currently Production Coordinator at Cambuhy Agrícola, developing the activities of soil management and tillage, conservation areas and sugarcane production.


Matheus Anaan de Paula Borba

Agronomist, Master in Soil Science from UNESP (2018)

He is currently owns Borba Agronegócios (SP/MG), developing mineral and leaf fertilizer sales activities.


Murilo Aparecido Voltarelli

Agronomist, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2015)

He is currently Professor / Researcher at the University of São Carlos, Buri - SP, Brazil, working in the area of Agricultural Machinery, Precision Agriculture and Digital Agriculture.


+55 15 3526-9067

Patricia Candida de Menezes

Agricultural Engineer with Ms in Agricultural Engineering from Federal University of Mato Grosso and PhD in Agronomy PhD in Soil Science from UNESP (2018) . Currently she is professor at Federal Instituto of Education, Science and Technology of Rondônia and works in the area of Machines and Agricultural Mechanization. 


Tiago de Oliveira Tavares

Agronomist, PhD in Plant Production from UNESP (2019)

He is currently Research Coordinator at C3 Consulting and Research, developing activities of research project management in the coffee crop.