Rouverson Pereira da Silva

Agricultural Engineer from the Federal University of Lavras, Master in Mechanical Engineering (Federal University of Uberlândia), PhD in Agronomy (Plant Production) from UNESP and Associate Professor in Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization (UNESP). He is currently Associate Professor III of UNESP / Jaboticabal, Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Agronomy (Plant Production) and Research Productivity Scholarship (1-C) of CNPq. He also holds the position of Executive Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Agricultural Engineering and Director of International Relations of the Brazilian Association of Agricultural Engineers. He is a member of the Brazilian Precision Agriculture Commission and the Tractor and Machine Awards of the Year Evaluation Committees. He has published over 170 articles in scientific journals, 7 books and 20 book chapters. He works in the area of ​​Agricultural Engineering and Digital Agriculture, developing research focusing on the following topics: Mechanized Harvesting Systems (coffee, sugar cane, peanuts and cereals), Precision Agriculture and Quality Control. in Mechanized Agricultural Operations.